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Meet Our Magical Team

Stephanie Milldrum

Travel Agent


Born and raised on the West Coast where she grew up camping, hiking and traveling throughout every National Park with Tahoe and Yosemite practically in my backyard, Stephanie's love for adventure and travel started early. Being close to Disneyland, SeaWorld and more, added the thrill of theme parks and rides to those core memories making her parents responsible  for creating an eager adventurer. She can not wait to create those for her own family as well as others. 
That adventurous side had her uproot herself to the Northwest into her adult life where there was a whole new world of mountains in her front yard and the coast in her backyard. Monthly trips to Astoria were the best because, well...Goonies Never Die! Fast forward 15 years, 3 kids later, a couple years in Nashville, TN, then back to the west coast in Reno, NV, she is now in Cincinnati, OH.

Her oldest is still back in Portland but she has 2 girls now, 6 and 7 years old, that keep her on her toes.  Summer days are their favorite and when it gets too cold there....guess what's only a 2 hour flight away?  Disney World!  She loves watching her childhood memories reignite through them and is eager to share so much of her childhood adventures with them as they grow! 

Stephanie finds so much joy in what people always joke with her about and refer to as "Hallmark moments," and making them happen. Whether it be for herself,  a neighbor, friend or stranger,  if she can be part of their next story of memories and experiences they shared together,  THAT makes HER just as happy as it makes them! 

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